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The pioneer in connection technology for aviation and military

Founded in Glendale, California, USA, in 1956, Glenair initially established itself as a manufacturer of end housings and accessory parts for plug connectors according to aviation and military standards. Today, Glenair is developing and producing a wide range of connection technology products.

Global sales network

Our global sales network in Europe, Japan and the USA as well as our distributors ensure quick delivery and prompt customer service that is unique in the industry. Glenair GmbH serves customers in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.

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Creating new connections - removing old ones

International engineers are continually working side by side with our customers to develop and produce the products they need for their applications. Our regular "Glenair Technology Days" offer company and industry-comprehensive exchange between our developers and other engineers and company representatives. The goal is know-how transfer within and outside of the industry, as well as treatment of internal tasks in the circle of experts from within and outside of the subject area. This leads to customer-aligned and realistic product novelties that are needed.

If you want to profit from our experience, contact us!

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Performace range:

  • 60,000 items for immediate shipping ex stock USA
  • Unparalleled delivery times for most products
  • Comprehensive production and test capacity
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Prototype construction
  • Complete solutions from a single source
  • Global customer service and technical support

Among others, we offer:

  • Round plug connectors according to MIL-DTL-5015 and other MIL-/VG-standards
  • Accessories for round plug connectors, both industrial and MIL-specific
  • Power plugs
  • Micro-D-TwistPin plugs
  • Nanominiature plug connectors
  • Audio plug connectors according to VG95351 and VG96934
  • Hermetic plug connectors
  • Filter plugs
  • Metal protection hoses and corrugated hoses
  • Optical fibre components and assemblies
  • Composite thermoplastic plug-connector accessories
  • Shield and protective meshes
  • Crimp and contact tools
  • Assembly tools for end housings
  • Clamping belt pliers
  • Earthing bolts and tools approved according to VG96953-11
  • Completely customised cable trunks, etc.

For the complete range, see the product catalogue.

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Glenair production sites

Our production sites in the USA, great Britain and Italy, as well as the offices in Germany, Sweden, France, Spain and Turkey, offer a unique customer service that is unparalleled in our industry in cooperation with our globally active agents and distributors. They also offer technical support wherever and whenever you need it.

This makes Glenair the preferred partner of many companies from aviation/aerospace and the military industry. Our customers also include providers from the semi-conductor industry, producers of off-shore technology, etc.

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Product catalogues

Use our quarterly customer magazine to learn about the latest developments in the area of electrical connection technology.

Customer magazine «QwikConnect»

Use our quarterly customer magazine to learn about the latest developments in the area of electrical connection technology.

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