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We at Glenair understand that we are selling service. For most of our customers, this means that we deliver service just when it is needed. We are committed to the service principles and quality standards, making our customers the most satisfied in the industry. We are determined to make Glenair the leader on all markets in which we act.

Our employees always observe our "principles" as they are known throughout the company in their daily decisions. These principles form a dedicated unique approach to customer service at Glenair. As such, the basics of the Glenair quality assurance system are presented here.

The global ethical principles of Glenair comply with the requirements of the USA (FAR/DFARS), Great Britain (Bribery Act of 2010) and similar regional, national or international laws.

The first Glenair principle reflects our attitude well in common business practices:

Maintain the good reputation of the organisation: It is your primary responsibility to act in a manner that appropriately reflects Glenair. Our strict employee conduct principles prevent any kind of immoral ethical conduct at the workplace.

Optoelectronic ESD Room

Research and development

Glenair is leading in the development in the most important market areas. Highly qualified engineering teams at each of our company sites, as well as specialist product teams, are at hand to develop innovative solutions for our customers.

Complete CAD drawings are documented for all items, including special plug connectors, lines, accessories and cable production. Before an order is placed, any resulting drawings are discussed and agreed on with the customer. This ensures that the suggested plug connections or assemblies meet the precise customer specifications.

Glenair receives hundreds of customer-specific development requests every year. Glenair has an experienced and creative engineering team that is continually looking for and finding suitable and individual solutions.

Glenair storagerooms with over 85000 parts

Product availability

Glenair does not discontinue products. We welcome even small ordered volumes. Glenair has no minimum order value.

Creating a new product line, we offer full service - without any gaps. Glenair also maintains a huge inventory of raw materials to produce and deliver products more quickly. Together with a stock in excess of 85000 parts, we are creating the prerequisites for same-day deliveries.

We offer innovative solutions in areas where others fail.



ISO 9100 certification

Glenair Inc. and its European companies are committed to Management by Excellence as well as a management system based on ISO 9100.

RoHS Conformity

Glenair certifies that all connections and accessories marketed, produced or shipped after 1 January 2006 fully comply with the requirements of the directives 2002/95/EC of the European parliament and the council from 27 January 2003 and the latest new version of directive 2011/65/UE, last from 03 January 2013.

REACH declaration

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals) affects all industries and participations in the supply chain. Regarding the REACH regulation, Glenair is a producer of items from finished products. We confirm that Glenair products contain no substances of very high concern (SVHC).

General Terms and Conditions of Business

Below you will find our General Terms and Conditions of Business consisting of General Terms and Conditions of Sale and General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

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Product catalogues

Use our quarterly customer magazine to learn about the latest developments in the area of electrical connection technology.

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Use our quarterly customer magazine to learn about the latest developments in the area of electrical connection technology.

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